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  Dr my pet is not eating well and lazy for last one month and now he has become very.. 

  Dr my puppy is having bloody motion and vomiting. he is severely dehydrated what  

  Hi,my pet is having fits like  symptoms. our vet says that he has canine distemper

  Dr i am kalpna and my pet is having regular fever for last 20 days .our vet is treating ..


As per our policy we do not deal in live animal sale or purchase.

  • At pet's planet India we have one of the most advance critical care unit with 24 hours available vets ,nursing staff,6 channel multi parameters ,oxygen and everything which your pet needs at that critical moment .pet's are kept in different wards according to the nature of their disease like infectious, non infectious or general ward.
  • We have availability of canine distemper and parvo virus immunoglobulin injections which are necessary for the treatment of these life threatening diseases.
  • Special treatment facility for the diseases like tick fever ( babesia gibsoni ),heart worm ,leishmaniasis etc.
  • Our specialization is our skin care clinic .we have more than thousand of satisfied customers whose pet have had chronic skin infection for last 3 -4 years.

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